Why are you fundraising?

We are raising money to pay for the purchase and installation of four field lights at the new track and field at Avon High School.

When does the fundraising campaign begin?

The campaign offiically kicked-off on July 15th, 2019! The ACORN Board, however, has been planning for months to ensure a successful capital campaign.

What is the fundraising goal?

Our goal is to raise $400,000. Fortunately, we have already secured $100,000 in donations: the Town of Avon contributed $70,000 to install the concrete light stanchions (the light footings) which will make the light installation quick and easy, and $30,000 has been pledged by the Avon Board of Education. So, as we kick-off the Lights on Avon campaign, we need to raise an additional $300,000.

When will the lights be installed?

The lights will be installed as soon as we reach the fundraising goal of $400,000. There are no time or seasonal restrictions to the installation, so as soon as we get the money, the lights will go up!

What kind of lights will go in?

The lighting system consists of four 80 foot high galvanized steel poles, located near the 10 yard lines on each side of the field. To light up the field, nine LED light fixtures will be mounted on each pole. The lights have instant on/off capability and are dimmable. In addition, two LED lights will be mounted lower on each pole to provide light to aid guests' safety, especially on and around the track. The height of the complete fixture, coupled with each pole's proximity to the field and the latest in LED technology, ensures the light is directed at the field, greatly reducing light "spill." A push button timer will enable use of the track at a lower output level. The amount of light and hours of operaton will be determined by the town. The light system comes with a 25 year warranty.

Who can use the lights?

Anyone and everyone! All Avon residents will be able to enjoy the track and field lights at the appropriate and approved times.

Why weren't the lights included in the referendum vote for the new track and field?

Our Avon elected representatvies are very judicious about where the town spends your money. The cost of the approved new track and turf field complex is not small - it's $2.9 million.. Following the lead of other communities that have relied on private funding for add-ons to their field complexes, the leaders in Avon decided to do the same for our new field. ACORN stepped in, and up, to lead this fundraising campaign.

What is ACORN and who runs it?

Avon Community Recreational Neigborhood, Inc. (ACORN) is a registered IRS 501(c)(3) non-profit organizaation, led by community members who help raise money to invest in recreational resources throughout the town. ACORN's last project, completed under a prior Board, raised money to install lights at the Avon Middle School tennis courts. The current ACORN Board is comprised of nine Avon residents (see The Board page in this website). It is worth noting that only three of the current Board members have school-aged children who may ever get to play on this lighted field - a fact that underscores how strong the commitment is to this project. We believe that a lighted track and field is an important asset to the school and the town, and just as important - something our residents will use and enjoy for many years to come. All donations to ACORN are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. Consult your tax advisor.

What happens if more money is raised than needed for the lights?

If we are lucky enough to raise more money than is needed to pay for the lights, that would be amazing and reflect well on our residents! There are other potential improvements that were not included in the initial approved track and field project, including a press box, stands and a concession stand. If we are fortunate enought to end up with "extra" money, the ACORN Board will undoubtedly discuss how to best inves the money for additional improvements and upgrades. For now though, our efforts are laser-focused on the lights.

When does the campaign end?

As soon as we raise $300,000!